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I'm on DA. That hasn't happened in forever. We're all going to die.


Tagged by kdog177

1) If someone asked you what you wanted, what would you say?
For my parents to just trust that they don't need to be on my ass about EVERYTHING

2) Honestly, who are your last four texts from?
My stepmom, wherever the hell that stupid phone is >.<

3) Are you sad?
not necessarily

4) Have you ever stayed up all night on the phone?
on the phone? no.

5) Does the last person you kissed name start with a S or J?
It starts with a B X3

6) Are you looking forward to anything?
Baby sister's due in May XD I'm so stoked

7) Who was the last person that you had a serious talk with?
my parents =

8) What's bothering you right now?
my parents =

9) Have you ever been called a bitch?
Yep XD I didn't disagree with her. (Bret, you know who I'm talking about XD)

10) Could you use some sleep right now?
not at this precise moment

11) Have you ever crawled through a window?
Yeah XD

12) Have you heard a song that reminds you of someone right now?
Not recently

13) Would you rather be locked in a room with your worst enemy or your ex?
I don't have an ex, but I would readily take that option. I would really be enemies with my ex (it's not likely, anyway) and I would probably rip out my enemy's throat.

14) Do you ever think "what if"?
Quite frequently O3O

15) Who was the last person you held hands with?
My super-awesome bf X3

16) What color is your underwear?
Black and white XD I could go into detail, but that would be tmi

17) Describe the shirt that you are wearing?
a green t-shirt XD

18) Have you ever cried over a text message?
Yep. Happy tears, though XD

19) Delete a year of your life, or start over in a new town?
Neither >=U

20) Is it easy to pretend that everything is okay for you
Most days

21) Ever cried while you were on the phone with someone?

22) Do you want to see someone right now?
yeah X3

23) Did anyone see your last kiss?
Probably XD

24) Have you ever kissed the last person you texted?
No o.O

25) Is there someone that you used to talk to every single day that you don't talk to anymore?

26) Who was the last person you took a picture with?
Deonna, I think XD

27) Are you going to have a baby by the time that your 18?
I don't think I'll be married by then XD

28) It's 12am, you wake up crying. You call?
Tasha T^T

29) Where do you want to go?
Europe and Japan, bitches >3<

30) What woke you up today?
Alarm clock XP

31) Any tattoos?
I wish T^T

32) The person you have feelings for shows up at your house, what do you do?
Question why the hell he randomly showed up at my house XD Srsly, he's been to my house, like, twice.

33) Have you ever been given an engagement ring?

34) Have you done anything embarrassing lately?
Kinda >\\<

35) What was your dream about last night?
Don't remember (Nice dream, Kevin XD  Were they chaining themselves to their trucks in -40 weather or were they still being pussies? XD)

36) Do you have a Facebook?

37) Are you currently frustrated at a boy?
not really XD

38) What is tomorrow?
March 14th

39) What are you doing later?
nothing important

40) Can you play Guitar Hero?
hell yes, I can X3

41) Where are you right now?
Good ol' Ft. Crack .____.

42) Who's bed did you sleep in last night?
Mine XD

43) What was the last thing someone bought for you?
a chapstick XD

44) When is your birthday?
Jan. 3rd, y'all O3O

45) Can you easily tell if someone is fake?
Quite well, actually O3O

46) Do you mind sleeping on the floor?
Naw, as long as I've got blankets and a pillow, I'm fine

47) The name of your best friend is?
Natasha Lopes X3

48) What is the closest green thing to you?
my shirt XD

lol, I'm gonna tag whoever wants to do this XD Have fun ppls XD
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Rude Boy- Rihanna
I'm liking these way better than Rihanna's version, and I adore this song! XD





So far I'm liking Rin's and Len's, even though I don't like them much and Len's Engrish is kinda horrible ._."
Cuz I'm a loser like that orz
Well, I ditched Grand Fantasia and now I've got annother game to wait for while it downloads. orz
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Make it go away, somebody, please.
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I'm on my DA XD I've had this thing since '07 and I JUST started really using it XP Art coming in the near future, I promise...maybe...hopefully ^_____^"
lol, mood and song contradict wtf? Eh, this song has such a wicked beat regardless of its sadness XD